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Welcome to the Official website of Wisconsin Team Circuit(WTC).  2014 will be our 17th year of organizing Bass tournaments.

Our mission of WTC has not changed over the past 17 years.  When we started WTC in 1998 our main mission was to have each tournament become an event, rather than just showing-up, fish, weigh-in your fish, go home.  Instead we wanted each tournament to be more memorable and a learning experience for both the novice tournament and seasoned tournament anglers.  We try to host every WTC tournament out of a private business on the tournament lake rather than a boat ramp.  This type of venue allows the anglers to easily meet and talk with each other.  This has been a great way for the anglers to make new friends, share experiences and learn more about tournament fishing and fishing in general.

2014 will be an exciting year for WTC and the anglers who participate in our tournaments.  There are circuit tournaments in our area, so there are plenty of opportunities for those anglers who like the circuit formats.  This has caused us to look at how we can help the tournament angler reduce the costs of fishing tournaments and earn more money. 

In 2014 we will be introducing a new format.  We will only be conducting a series of Open tournaments.  There will be 2 Super Opens and 3 Mini-opens.  There is no membership fee required to fish any of tournaments.

Here is the format for the 2 Super Bass Opens.  They will be limited to 41 two- person teams.  Each Super Bass Open is a 2 day tournament, with Saturday being on one lake and Sunday on a 2nd lake.  Winners will be determined by total weight for both days.  There will be a separate Big Bass Pot each day.  First Place in each Super Bass Open will pay $3000.  We will be paying 8 places.  Entry into a Super Bass Open is $250 per team.   

Here is some information on the Super Bass Open:

Eastern Open

8/9/14-Big Chetac-Host Site=Birch Lakes Resort

8/10/14-Long Lake-Host Site=Propís Sports Bar& Grill

Entry into the Super Bass Opens is based on first-come-first-served until 41 teams are reached.

The 2014 tournament schedules have been completed and are located on this site.  Also, the entry forms for the Super Bass Opens and the Mini-Opens can be printed from this website.  The entry form explains the rules and also shows the sample payout.  A separate, signed entry form is required for each tournament entered.     

17 years of providing first class
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